Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 25 - The New York Compromise

I've never held myself as a person of great discipline. For whatever reason, the juicing comes easy to me, so I don't see it as something requiring a lot of discipline. That being said, it comes as no surprise to me that it has been tough to stick to juice alone during my trip to NY.

I have decided to make a couple of alterations to the original plan. I'm not going to freak out over every little thing I eat, but I am going to try to keep a lid on it. But to compensate for the inevitable backslide caused in my deviation, I will add another week to the juice fast, for a total of 67 days. Don't get me wrong, I'm not abandoning the juice while I'm here. I'm still trying to keep the food to a minimum.

Having dined out twice yesterday, my weight went back up three pounds, as was to be expected. It did motivate me to take Buckley for a 2.5 mile walk at 6:00 this morning. We were both frightened of the unfamiliar surroundings that accompany this unknown hour. But we stuck together and survived. I haven't been taking it too easy during my stay here. Between laying down a laminate floor in the upstairs of my parents' house and installing a new mailbox, I'm sure I've sweat out a baby back rib or two.

While this feels like a disappointment, I feel better knowing that I will be making up for it in the end with the extension. Thanks for your support and encouragement. It means a great deal to me. Seacrest out.

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  1. Did you walk by Lukazonis' (sp) house?!? Good plan, and about time they got a new mailbox, I've been suggesting that for years!