Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 1

Dinner was carrot, tomato, lettuce, ginger, celery, bok choy and green pepper.

Carrot, tomato, lettuce, ginger, celery, bok choy and green pepper

Weight: 292.8 lb
Change: -6.2 lb
Mood: Tired and a little hungry, but feeling good about my choice.

Notes: I feel alright today. I felt hungry for most of the day, but that's exactly what happened last time. I just have to focus my attention elsewhere, or remind myself that the feeling goes away after a few minutes. The tiredness that accompanies the first few days of a juice fast hit me like a truck today. I just slept for a couple of hours in the middle of the day. It's sort of like a grand carb crash. My body was expecting to be recharged with a bunch of calories, but when they weren't there, the whole operation just shut down and it was nap time. A few more days of this and it's smooth sailing. Which reminds me, if you're thinking of doing a juice fast, start on or just before the weekend. You'll be wiped out over the weekend, but ready to go for Monday.


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  1. I like the infomercial juice commercial. So for the next two months you'll just have 1-3 juices a day? That's good discipline and dedication!