My Goals

Because this is an open-ended fast (I have a duration in mind), it's difficult to put numbers on my expectations. Instead, I'll just plot what I hope to achieve in a more qualitative manner.

This isn't my first juice fast, so I have experienced all of these to some degree. I hope to get the same results as last time, at a higher intensity.
  • Weight loss - This is the most common reason people give for fasting, and it's high on my list too
  • Increased Energy - Contrary to what you might think, there actually is an increase in energy as you go further into the fast.
  • Clearer Skin - A healthier diet leads to healthier skin. I have some dryness that I hope to alleviate through better eating
  • Mental Clarity and Alertness - I had a taste this one during my first fast, but I definitely want more
  • Better Digestive Health - A cleaner system helps to process food more effectively. Sounds good to me.
  • Illness Prevention - I've been fortunate to be relatively healthy in my life, but I want to up my immunity and guard against future health threats
So those are the main benefits I want to experience through my fast and beyond.