Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 55 - Sprint to the Finish

Well, here I am at day 55, so to speak. Last week was a rough one, as is evidenced by my weight tracker. It may have been juicing fatigue (not actual fatigue, just boredom), or me just looking for an excuse to eat solid foods, but that's what I did and my progress paid the price. I've been back on track for the last few days, and I know I will keep it up through the end.

I'm currently at 251.0 lb, and I'm confident I can reach my goal of 240 by the end of the fast. Then it will be up to me to keep as much of that lost weight off as possible. I have a rough idea of a plan, but I definitely need to come up with something concrete in the next week. I've known for a long time that preparation is the key to success, so I need to follow my own advice and prepare.

On the physical side, my activity has fallen off a bit, too. It is partially due to a shoulder injury I'm trying to rest, and also due to my sleeping patterns having gone off the charts. Waking up at noon or later has become a pretty regular thing over the past week. I know I feel better when I'm working out, so it's just a matter of getting back at it. I'll be going to bed early to break the cycle and wake up in time for my 9AM AquaFit class. They're probably missing the class "showoff."

This morning's juice was strawberry, honeydew and cucumber. It was not as good as it sounds.

So here I stand, with 7 days and 11 pounds to go. Piece of cake. Err, watermelon.


  1. You're almost there! You've done so well so far, so keep your head up and finish strong! And get ready for the next step and get your plan set! No getting off track when I visit!!!

  2. It'll be just about over when you get here. Saturday morning is my last weigh-in while juicing. After that, it's all about eating like a human being.